iPhone App Review

11 04 2011

This is a great review by Appzibit.An addictive game 5/5.Enjoy!


HTC Desire S review

10 04 2011

This time last year, HTC had two Android smartphones for the mainstream: the 3.7-inch Desire, outfitted with the latest and greatest, and the 3.2-inch Legend, which was humbler in specs but offered the novelty of an aluminum unibody construction. After seeing that strategy pay off handsomely, the company’s come back in 2011 with a similar proposition. The 4-inch Incredible S is now the higher-end device, while the 3.7-inch Desire S is the smaller, aluminum-shelled handset. What’s curious this time, however, is that the Desire S has exactly the same 1GHz Snapdragon inside it, the same graphics, same WVGA resolution, and the same 768MB of RAM as the Incredible S. Throw in the fact it comes with Gingerbread preloaded and a few new tweaks to the Sense UI and you’ve got to wonder if this might not be the more, um, desirable of HTC’s new Android duo. Only one way to find out, right? Full review from Engadget HERE.

Pocketnow’s Weekly iReview

10 04 2011

Pocketnow does a great show called weekly i review for all of you iOS users,so it will be featured here on the site every week.Also we will be adding other show’s from pocketnow.

Product Spotlight : iPad 2 Smart Cover

10 04 2011


A great review for the iPad 2 smart cover done by David Di Franco aka thecreativeone.Enjoy!

Recomended Game: Crysis 2

10 04 2011


Great game here is the Gamespot review.

Untetherd Jailbreak 4.3.1 All iOS devices

10 04 2011

Detailed instructions:


Androd or iOS,what do you preffer?

10 04 2011

This is not Android vs Iphone it’s a question of the os that you prefer.

Think about the UI,features,the update process and the future.

Let the mobile OS wars begin!!