Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 Update 32Bit RTM Build 6001.18000 Download!

7 02 2008


ista fans, yup here is it! Long awaited Service Pack 1 in RTM version released by nDn (funny is, they are movie group mainly). What RTM – “Release To Manufacturing” does stands for? Well, in short it’s exact same version which will appear in March aka final version. Check wiki for more details about RTM. Keep in mind that this is only Service Pack 1 itself, it’s not Vista SP1 ISO! So, you can download it and install on any (32bit) Vista edition. Also make sure to READ NFO for more details & explanation. For those ones who have pirated copy of Vista (well, who doesn’t?), I’m not sure will this work with that popular OEM BIOS emulation crack by PARADOX (Microsoft’s states something like – No way dude). Anyway, try it out and drop us a comment…

UPDATE: I’ve personally tested this release with Microsoft.Windows.Vista.Ultimate.X86.OEM.DVD.READ.NFO-NoPE (one of those which uses OEM BIOS cracking method), fresh Vista install + this SP1 and all i can say is that works fine (still says it’s genuine). Here is a proof.

UPDATE 2: Ok, this is for all those non-believers…
Proof 1: If you go to installers file properties and check version it says 6001.17028 indeed, but if you extract that installer and check the file versions inside it actually shows 6001.18000! Look Here.
Proof 2: Goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
Look at the “BuildLabEx” string… It says:
Proof 3: The directx is listed in dxdiag as DirectX10 and not 10.1 but if you look in your system32 folder you see that 2 new files has appeared: d3d10_1.dll & d3d10_1core.dll which means directx10.1 is included!
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One response

5 06 2008
bestes dvd copy software

An hour after getting the box running, it died- BIG time. By this I mean it simply stopped working. Upon rebooting, the system wont even display BIOS information. My guess is that this is a hardware fault and that the CPU has died seeing as no information is displayed when the power is turned on and nothing else happens.

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