Microsoft launching Vista Plus! Pack

19 01 2008


Once upon a time Microsoft came up with a product called Microsoft Plus! that offered a handful of games and extra features that probably should have been included with Windows in the first place. There were Plus! packs released for every version of Windows from Windows 95 all the way up to XP. Plus! packs included everything from the first version of Internet Explorer to desktop themes and utilities for managing media files.

But when Microsoft launched Windows Vista, we thought they had killed off the Plus! pack in favor of Windows Ultimate Extras. But now it looks like Microsoft is bringing back the Plus! Pack.

Some folks in the WinBeta forums noticed a listing for a Windows Vista Plus! Pack at Canada’s Future Shop. It looks like the new version of Vista Plus! Pack will include a few games but no Windows enhancements. The product description isn’t very useful, since it appears to display just a few features of Windows Vista, not the Plus! Pack itself.

The Future Shop lists the product as available for shipping on February 15th for $40 Canadian, which these days is about the same as $40 US.




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