Google in talks with Verizon over Gphone

1 11 2007


The Wall Street Journal and Reuters reported Tuesday evening that Google is in “serious discussions” with Verizon Wireless to put its mobile “GPhone” software on Verizon phones. For months, people have been speculating about the rumored Google “GPhone.” Most people believe that it’s not a specific phone, but is more likely an operating system or software that integrates many of Google’s mobile services, like Web search, Gmail, Youtube, and Google Maps, onto phones made by existing handset makers. But more than simply integrating Google services onto handsets, the new Google mobile OS is believed to be an open platform on which application developers would have free reign to develop a slew of new applications and services.

The WSJ said in an earlier article published Monday that Asian cell phone makers HTC and LG Electronics will be the first two handset makers to use the software. But Google-powered phones will be useless unless the company can strike deals with mobile operators to allow them on their networks. T-Mobile USA is rumored to be the first U.S. operator that will sign on with Google. The new Google software will also supposedly offer integration with advertising platforms. And this is something that Verizon or any mobile operator would likely find very interesting. Today, mobile advertising makes up a small fraction of revenue, but carriers expect to generate a significant amount of revenue from mobile advertising in the future. This market really seems to get more crowded, first the Skype phone and now another good-looking possibility.




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