HP’s m8010y and d4890y desktops to sport HD combo drives, digital tuners

7 05 2007


Just because HP has buried the Digital Entertainment Center doesn’t mean that it’s forgetting about the media-centric crowd, as the company’s forthcoming m8010y and d4890y will offer up some fairly swank high-definition niceties. Aside from offering customers the option for an Intel Q6600 Core 2 Quad processor and NVIDIA’s GeForce 8800 GTS graphics card, this duo will also include a mysterious dual-format combo drive to handle both BD and HD DVD responsibilities. While we can only assume that the GGW-H10N will be the drive of choice, both PCs will boast HD DVD / Blu-ray playback with burning abilities including on the latter, and as if that wasn’t enough HD goodness crammed into a PC, moneyed consumers can also opt to have ATI’s TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner pre-installed as well. There’s no word just yet surrounding pricing, exact configurations, or a launch timeframe, but word on the street suggests that the combo drive should be made available to the adoring public within “four to six weeks.”




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