Spiderman 3 the game just OK.

6 05 2007


Good yet lacks vital movie point material and other main concepts

I came into buying this game after being a pretty big spidey fan, being a member of the web for a few months, and I absolutly loved the second game but this game lacks vital material to make it the great game it should have been. It has lots of characters, many missions, hard difficulty, and good graphics yet is lacking in a couple things. Gameplay-This is okay except the camera tends to mess up at some battles and it lacks lots of good and key movie material such as, second Harry fight in his house, First Sandman fight in city, Harry’s amnesia scenes, and Venom’s death was completely messed up in the game. If they included all these or at least two of these main moments in the movie I would have given gameplay a 9. Also Harry escapes instead of dying which totally contradicts one of the movie ideas. Also the villains tend to always escape and the only villains I recall actually being 100% defeated are Rhino, Sandman, Lizard, and Scorpion. I can understand one or two but they can not let all these villains not be defeated because it discompletes the game. Im not saying it is bad cause there are many good parts to gameplay like the much improved combat system, larger city, cinemtics, and cool villains but I would have liked to see more.

Sound-This was pretty good and mimicked the sounds of the movie quiet well except a few characters sounded a little plain which is why is isn’t ten.

Graphics-These were pretty good and most character models looked much like themselves although it had a few bugs and lagged at a few parts. Value-This game is pretty long and hard and should last you at least three days with playable Goblin and missions, and finishing the gangs off. It allows you to play the storylines over again after you beat the game with the black suit so that should be fun. The only thing wrong with this is that it won’t have much value because there was not enough good movie moments and lacks many things. This game is a disapointment and wasn’t as good as expected. I bought it thinking it would be a 9+ and the best ps3 game out to date but sadly it wasn’t and wasn’t my best 1st ps3 game I bought. Although it offers a lot and has greatly improved it does not give you the right movie feeling and sadly wasn’t 9+ as it was sounding like from the major advertisment it was getting for the past month. The movie was pretty good though and I would recommend renting before buying this.




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