Windows Vista Sucks???

5 05 2007


Windows Vista sucks???

Many companies have started to pull back Vista from their systems(dell…),Is there a reason for this?


What we have now IS the final version of vista but it just doesn’t feel like it,slow and with many bugs even on vista “premium” machines.Don’t get me wrong the system is great but it needs some desperate updates,without the first SP(service pack) don’t even think of buying it…by the way Mircosoft announced that the first Sp should come out later this year(ok thats odd…they say that they worked on it for like 5 years…i mean for five years and they need a service pack right away,guess thats microsoft for ya).

Just wait for it it has A LOT of potential….




2 responses

6 05 2007

windows rules,linux sucks!!!!!!!!!

14 05 2008

VISTA sucks @ss, Macs rule!

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