A good move from Google

1 08 2012

Google has tweaked the developer policy for the Play Store with an eye on reducing intrusive advertising, spoof apps and clarifying subscription cancellations. Apps that pass themselves off as others, or are “confusingly similar” will now be pulled, so say goodbye to those thousand instances of Angry Byrdz. Adverts that pop up in your notifications window, like Airpush and KDDI’s au one now make their way onto the verboten list. It’s also clarifying that when users cancel their subscriptions, they won’t be refunded for the current billing period, but will continue to receive what they’d paid for until the term expires. Developers now have 30 days to comply with the changes, after which point apps that are found to be in violation will be pulled by Mountain View’s overlords.


=BREAKING= Windows 8 final version has been relesed to OEMs

1 08 2012

RTM. To the everyman, those three letters may not mean much. To those waiting with bated breath for Microsoft’s next operating system, it’s a huge milestone worth celebrating. Microsoft has today confirmed that Windows 8 has been released to manufacturing, enabling its OEM partners to grab the final code and begin implementation on systems that’ll be tempting you mightily starting on (or around) October 26th.

If you’re curious about the specific rollout details, here goes. Starting August 15th, devs will be able to download the final version of Windows 8 via their MSDN subscription, and IT pros testing Windows 8 in organizations will be able to access the final version of Windows 8 through their TechNet subscriptions. On August 16th, customers with existing Microsoft Software Assurance for Windows will be able to download Windows 8 Enterprise edition through the Volume License Service Center (VLSC). Also on that day, Microsoft Partner Network members will have access to Win8. On August 20th, Microsoft Action Pack Providers (MAPS) receive access to the goods, while Volume License customers without Software Assurance will be able to purchase Windows 8 through Microsoft Volume License Resellers on September 1st.

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iOS 5 out October 12 !

4 10 2011

So the iOS 5 software will be out on October 12th, for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s also on the iPad 1&2 and the ipod touch 3&4.

The GM version is already available for developers.

















iPhone 4s Recap

4 10 2011

Ok so this was a disappointing keynote,they for the first time did an event in October and the hype was at it’s peak,but all of all that hype and hope we are left with just an improved iPhone 4 I will be skipping this one and waiting for the iPhone 5.

Microsoft pushes out preview build of Internet Explorer 10

12 04 2011

Happy with your shiny new copy of Internet Explorer 9? It’s already out of date — Microsoft just announced Internet Explorer 10 at its MIX developer conference in Las Vegas, and if you’re running Windows you can grab a spoon right now and sample an early taste. You can download the new Platform Preview right now at Microsoft’s Test Drive site and see where the company’s going with this early iteration, which adds support for additional web standards like CSS Gradients and CSS3 Flexible Box Layout. According to the press release, a gentleman named Dean Hachamovitch just revealed the new browser on the MIX stage, but we’re actually watching him speak right now, and… he’s not quite there yet. We’ll let you know what he says.

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HTC Sensation Leaked!

12 04 2011

Would you look at that, HTC’s latest worst kept secret is live on Vodafone UK’s website. So here’s the scoop: 4.3-inch qHD (540 x 960 pixel) SLCD display, 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera augmented by an 8 megapixel shooter with dual-LED flash around back, a 1.2GHz (dual-core) processor, and 4GB of internal flash memory with an extra 8GB supplied on memory card. Stick around, we’ll have hands-on with the latest Android Sensation from the HTC launch event later in the day.

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CyanogenMod 7.0 now final

11 04 2011

Is your phone manufacturer’s Android ROM not treating you quite the way it should? Worry not, Cyanogen’s got your back as usual and has just released the final v7.0 of the CyanogenMod, now based on Android 2.3.3. There’s an extensive list of supported Android handsets, which is now also augmented with a couple of tablets: the B&N Nook Color and the Viewsonic G Tablet. As usual with custom ROMs, we advise reading up and making sure you know what you’re doing before you do it, but if you’re already up to speed on the latest in homebrewed Android, this is the moment you’ve been eagerly waiting for.

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